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AIRFORCE Condor_ Senapan Angin PCP
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AirForce Condor PCP Air Rifle by AirForce, USA

* Gun ONLY, no Sights/ Scope, no Clamp *

The AirForce Condor delivers from 600 fps to a rip-snorting 1450 fps ( in .177) , and it' s recoilless! Accurate ( 1 " at 50 yards) and powerful, this PCP offers extreme flexibility. It has a 24 " Lothar Walther barrel ( 1: 16 twist) . You can also buy 12 " and 18 " barrels. Change-outs are easy and don' t require any special tools. Built in the USA.

NOTE: The .20 caliber pellets are slightly longer than the .22 cal. pellets of the same weight. Therefore, they drag in the barrel a little more and produce lower velocities. The quoted figures ( showing the .20 cal. gun shooting slower than the .22 cal. gun) are actual test figures and are correct.

DOES NOT come with sights or a refill clamp. If you plan to put a scope on your gun, you won' t need the open sights. The refill clamp is needed if you' re going to fill your gun' s air reservoir with a scuba tank.

Specifications :
Caliber : 4.5mm
Velocity : up to 1450 fps
Loudness : 5-High
Weight : 6.51 lbs
Barrel Length : 24.00 "
Overall Length : 38.75 "
Capacity : 1 round( s)
Cocking Effort : 5 lbs
Barrel: Rifled
Front Sight : None
Rear Sight : None
Scopeable : 11mm dovetail
Trigger adj. : Two-stage non-adjustable
Apprx. Trigger Pull : 3.00 lbs
Buttpad : Rubber
Suggested For : Hunting
Action : Bolt-action
Powerplant : Pre-charged pneumatic
Safety : Automatic
Repeater : Single-shot
Body : Rifle
Lifetime limited warranty

Package weight : 4 kg